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Swell Marketing Advisors has one face to the name, but many behind the scenes. These are people at the center of the Venn diagram of "people I love to work with".  It's incredibly hard to achieve growth without a team, and these people are the team that help get sh*t done. 


The name for the company, Swell, has a dual meaning.  The traditional meaning, according to Urban Dictionary, is generally used by elders and hipsters.   

But the true meaning behind the name comes from the swells of the ocean. Wave riders wanting to experience the power of the ocean need to be prepared and ready to adapt to a swell that's arriving. In marketing, it's important to be ready, to be patient, to read the data and watch the environment. A mix of the yin and yang - much like the art and science of marketing. 

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Celeste Jacroux, President

Celeste helps companies transform business goals into marketing strategy. Harnessing creative and analytical skills, she leverages her experience to drive sustainable growth for her clients. As a fractional marketing executive, she works closely with other executive leaders to achieve success. 

Helps companies with: 

  • Complex problem solving

  • Establishing priorities to drive results

  • Keeping customer value at the forefront of decisions

  • Collaboration to build best-in-class teams

  • Creating solutions that drive alignment

  • Change management and adaptability for continual improvement

Core strengths:  marketing strategy, go-to-market, demand generation, product marketing, content/messaging

Known for: sarcasm and talking to myself (often at the same time), sitting outside in a camping chair


Activities:  You'll find me at the ocean, pool, lake, trails, bike path, or soccer field. 

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