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Our Fractional CMO service helps small and mid-sized companies with marketing strategy, sales and marketing alignment, and overall revenue growth.  While the term "fractional CFO" is recognizable, not many are familiar with the marketing equivalent. This role exists for companies that want the expertise of a seasoned marketing executive, but don't need a full-time employee.


We work in your business - like a part-time executive - to help you translate the business goals into a marketing strategy. We can lead projects with no in-house marketing support, or work with your in-house teams.


Fractional CMO Services

Image by Austin Schmid

Celeste brought in an expertise that has radically changed the course of how we operate and think. The strategic planning that she has done with my team identified our strengths and differentiators in a crowded market, reframed our positioning and how we view our target market, and implemented sales techniques and other best practices that set us up for success. We are working as a better company with a clearer vision of how to achieve the goals that we have set.

- Owner, Insure Compliance


Part-time Executive for Management Team

For businesses that don't need, or aren't ready for a full-time marketing executive. Get the perspective of an experienced revenue-focused marketer to ensure you are on track with marketing initiatives. 

Interim Executive

For businesses that want someone minding the story while in between marketing executives. It can take some months to find the right permanent executive fit. If all others are at capacity, or there is no one else to step into the role, consider a full-time interim solution. 

Riding the Waves

Let's Work Together

If you're ready for your marketing efforts to help drive revenue, let's talk!

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